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The Ogham (or Ogam) form an ancient Celtic alphabet, based on species of trees and used both for inscriptions on monuments and for the organization of knowledge. There are 20 original Ogham, with a later addition of 5 more; this version uses the original 20. The Ogham are in some ways similar to the Norse runes or Futhark, both as an alphabet for inscriptions and as a system for divination; however, the Ogham's use as an index to a comprehensive system of knowledge is distinctive.

Ogham inscriptions are normally read from the bottom to the top, or from right to left; in this version I have adapted them to read for left to right, which is easier for readers of English.

For more information about the Voice of the Woods and the Ogham, visit the About... page. There you will find my comments and my list of recommended books, and interesting links (coming soon!).

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